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The Blue Grey Cattle Group is extremely grateful to the Northumberland National Park Authority, who funded this website. NNPA is fully supportive of our goal to help conserve the future of the long-established Blue Grey and the sustainable, extensive traditional farming systems that produce the cattle and in turn, produce and maintain the wonderful upland landscapes in national parks of northern England.

The Blue Grey has almost disappeared from the public consciousness through a complete lack of promotion. The Group is eternally grateful to Borders & Eden Leader Programme, who supported other areas of our Blue Grey promotion work. Also, His Grace, The Duke of Buccleuch, kindly provided cash flow funding which enabled the Leader Project to go ahead, as His Grace recognised the cultural and economic significance of the Blue Grey and its parent breeds to the borders area. Other financial support was granted by the National Trust who also consider that the Blue Grey and its parent breeds are part of the cultural fabric of the northern fells and uplands and as such, are worthy of our protection.

Lastly, we are very grateful to the professional Photographer, Wayne Hutchinson, who has kindly permitted us to use his photos of Blue Greys in this website and in our Quality Beef logo.

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