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The most profitable suckler around

A pioneering independent breed specific costings study focussing on Blue Grey suckler herds shows that the breed out-performs by some considerable amount the benchmark for both Hill and Upland Suckler Herds which were published in both the 2011 QMS and 2011 EBLEX reports.

The QMS national hill suckler herd average 2011 is a £182/head loss and the QMS national upland suckler herd average is £112/head loss. In the Blue Grey Cattle Group’s study the sample of Blue Greys achieved an £84/head profit (2011) before subsidy which is over £260 higher than the benchmark.

The SAC produced a report on the costings for herds where the Blue Grey is the main cow breed, which explains the key reasons for the excellent results. - “This is a cattle choice that is low cost, hardy, maternal and, most important of all, profitable” says Gavin Hill, Beef Specialist of SAC Consultancy.

The major findings of the report revealed the Blue Grey breed to offer:

  • Excellent fertility and an ability to cross with any bull
  • Easy calving
  • Abundant milk to feed the quickly growing continental calf
  • An ability to keep and maintain flesh even in the roughest out-wintering conditions
  • Longevity
  • Natural high health
  • Easy care
  • Established conservation grazing credentials

The SAC report revealed veterinary and medical costs per Blue Grey head averaged out at £12.59, while the National Hill average was £49.00. Average age of cow at cull was a remarkable 13 years compared to the National Hill average of 7 years. Most impressively were calving percentages averaging 93% compared to the National Hill average of 84%, with the ability to mother well and produce excellent growth rates.

"The choice of cattle breed should not be a matter of fashion, but a matter of profitability, suitability and ease of management" Angus Murray, Chairman of the Blue Grey Cattle Group.

The annual sale of Blue Grey bulling heifers and heifer calves will be at Newcastleton on Tues 29th October 2013, with the annual sale of suckled bullock and heifer calves including Galloways and continentals on Wednesday 30th in October 2013.

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