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The Blue Grey Cattle Group

The Blue Grey Cattle Group is a not for profit group of hill farmers who breed Whitebred Shorthorns and take their living from sales of Blue Greys.

Aims of The Blue Grey Cattle Group

  • To raise farmer awareness of the Blue Grey as an upland /hill suckler cow
  • To inform farmers about the independent whole farm costings concerning the Blue Grey, which show profitability (net margin) outperforming national averages (EBLEX and QMS) by over £250/head.  No other breed can provide this hard evidence of performance excellence.
  • To raise awareness of the inherited qualities of hardiness and milkiness in hybrid Blue Grey.
  • To provide information about the well-established environmental grazing credentials and low carbon hoof print of the traditional Blue Grey.
  • To inform potential buyers about upcoming Blue Grey sales.


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